About Us

Marudhara Industries Association is an apex representative body of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) with a strong membership base of about 1200 MSMEs of Rajasthan. Its strong membership base covers wide products and services spread through length and breadth of Rajasthan State. With exclusive focus on Rajasthan, MIA is committed to the development of the State and its entrepreneurs. MIA is a member of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce & Industry & Marwar Chamber of Commerce & Industry etc. MIAs motto is to create an enabling environment for the development of MSMEs in today's ever changing and extremely competitive industrial scenario. Now MIA has become a National level industrial Association and working for the growth, development and promotion of MSMEs of the Rajasthan State and also represents on platform of National Level for the growth, development & promotion of the MSMEs.

Aims & Objectives :

Marudhara Industries Association operates on the board based objective of fostering co-operation and support for the promotion of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) since last 31 years. For more than 31 years now MIA has worked consistently in creating environment conducive to industrial growth specially for MSMEs, disseminating valuable information on legal & technical aspects, latest development in industry & market, about latest Govt. policies, procedure and laws etc. apart from solving the teething problems of the Industry. The following are aims & objectives of the Association :

  1. To form a common platform for industries for its protection, development and growth.
  2. To represent State and Central Government and its departments to seek help and co-operation for the benefit of industries.
  3. To represent the association in any local, state, national and international organization for the benefit of industries.
  4. To affiliate itself to any local, state, national and international organization for the benefit of industries.
  5. To collect and spend funds by way of subscription, donation, grants and special contribution for the benefit of industries.
  6. To take the projects, programmes for the benefit of society and to raise and spend funds for it.
  7. To take all other steps necessary in the interest of industries.
  8. To take all other necessary steps for promotion & development of Handicrafts & Artisans in the region.